I have been on COR-Restor) for about 5 and a half months.

When I started on July 15th I thought this would be like rest of the supplements I've tried and I'd move on to something else in a week or two. THAT WAS SO FAR FROM THE TRUTH.

The main thing I'm amazed by is the effect Cor-Restor has on my asthma symptoms. Since starting the program I've not once used my rescue inhaler since starting Cor-Restor, and I haven't needed one single updraft. For the first time in my life, I can exercise without using my inhaler! Before I discovered Cor-Restor I was doing up to 3 updrafts a day and using my inhaler on a regular basis.

I'm happy to say that my husband started taking it and HE LOVES IT!!! 🙂 This has been been a life changer for me. I feel great everyday now, and I'm loving life because of it!

-Ashley M.


I began taking your product just 5 months ago, At age 65, my triglycerides were at 600, total cholesterol 268, and blood pressure was averaging around 150/90. Like most people, I accepted the lie that your health deteriorates as you age. After all, there's good money in convincing people that the best thing they can do is just keep taking medication.
Well, here are my most recent lab reports: Triglycerides 119, total cholesterol 178, Blood Pressure is averaging 118/72, AND THE BEST PART...NO MEDICATION and NO quarterly doctors visits to get a new prescription.
I tell most people I meet about COR-Restor and what it's done for me!
-Gordan Clark (65 years old)


To Whom It May Concern,

I want to thank you for your continued support of the US military, its veterans, and its active duty personnel.

Before I begin, I'd like you to know I have never sent a letter of compliment about any product, but I would like you to share the following.

First, I am a cancer survivor, with over 20 surgeries, small and large, and even had a stroke.Since I have been on COR-RESTOR (4 months now), I've had the following results:

Headaches & migraines have gone away completely
Medication reduced, from 17 meds to 4-6
Walking a lot better than I have in years 
No discomfort in chest since starting
Recover from my workouts a lot faster
Blood pressure is more stable

My heart doctor even told me that I could live another 25 years! Thank you for such a great product, I talk it up every chance I get!

Thanks for your time and consideration in regards to sharing my letter,
John Michael Thomas
Retired US Navy

Cor-Restor has to be one of the best workout recovery products! I am 58 years old, so recovery without it is more painful. Before I tried your product, my soreness and stiffness would hang around for a couple days. With it, I feel I am ready to work out again the next evening. I stopped using it for several weeks and my workouts were not as productive. Cor-Restor is the weightlifter and bodybuilder's friend! 
-Thomas F  (58 years old)

At 62, I had a heart attack and was put on the typical blood thinners, blood pressure meds, and cholesterol medication. That’s when I met Stephen Ashcraft who told me about Endothelium health and the benefits nitric oxide.

I got an EndoPat test done and it showed I had endothelial dysfunction. I had a measurement almost 40 points below the minimal acceptable score. So, I began a lifestyle change that included diet and exercise, and I started taking COR-Restore twice a day. In 18 months, I've lost 60 lbs. and my most recent EndoPat score is in the "normal" category at 2.86!

Learning about COR-Restor was the kick-off to HEALING cardiovascular disease and getting off all those medications. I'll keep taking it for the rest of my life!
-Marvin R  (62 years old)

I just want to say how much I appreciate you guys at In Good Health, and your dedication to helping folks live a more healthy and productive life. You have changed mine. I feel better and have more get up and go than I’ve had in a long, long time. It's amazing to be medication free and have my blood sugar under control! Thank you!

 I am a 21 year old Bikini Body Building Competitor.  The use of your nitric oxide booster has given me these improved numbers.  My body fat % went from 19.9 to 13.02 ~ My LBS. of body fat went from 29.25 to 18.55 ~ My lean body weight went from 117.75 to 123.95.   I am very happy with my results.

- Sydney L  (21 years old)

I have only been on your nitric oxide booster for 30 days but I find these body comp results interesting.

Weight: up 6 lbs.  from 206.2 to 212.2
Body Fat:  down from 10.2% to 6.3
Body Water is up from 57.5% to 61.5%
Muscle Mass: up from 162.2 to 189.2
Physique Rating: up from 5 to 9  (lower than normal body fat + above average muscle mass)
Bone Mass: up from 8.4 to 9.6
Visceral fat: down from 10 to 7
Plus I feel great! 
- Ed S.

So excited to report that the numbers from my blood workup were awesome! My cholesterol went from 178-102 and triglycerides went from 238-114, and I have more energy than I have in years!
So thankful for Cor-restor! 
- Jim E  (74 years old)

I am a diabetic and I have had significant peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Thanks to this nitric oxide booster, I’m walking 9 holes of golf again.
- James B  (66 years old)

I feel like COR-Restor is the fountain of youth because I feel today at 66 like I did at age 43.
- Leo L  (65 years old)

Since using this product, I have been able to stop taking my blood pressure medicine and my cholesterol medicine. Even my periodontal Dr. said my gums have greatly improved! I am so thankful for COR-Restor.
- Sue L (65 years old)

My husband and I are in Moab, Utah biking and using this nitric oxide booster. WOW…NO SORENESS!
Shelley W.

I have noticed a lot less joint soreness when I lift heavy weights at the gym.
- John S.

Things are good…..my workouts are going great. In fact if they were any better I don’t think I could handle it! 
- John C.

Before taking Cor-restor, my neuropathy was so bad I couldn’t walk around the block! Now after taking it for 4 months I am walking everyday and I feel like I’m getting my life back!
- John M.

I have noticed that I have a lot better lung capacity while skiing since I started using Cor-Restor.
- Norman M.

Cor-Restor has dramatically reduced my delayed onset muscle soreness and my blood pressure went from 135/80 to 123/72.  Very happy with my results!
- Randy B.